What Vegans can eat

First of all, what is a vegan? A vegan is a person who doesn’t eat meat, fish, or poultry. Vegans don’t use animal products such as milk, butter, honey, and items like a bag made of the skin of crocodiles. Most vegans choose to be like that because of their principle and others promote health reasons in eating non-animal products.

Vegans eat
Vegans eat

1. Tofu

Why Tofu? Tofu has the same amount of protein that you can get from meat products. Tofu can be a substitute for any recipe with meat product with the right kind of preparation. You can also eat this raw. Tofu also has Omega 3 which lowers cholesterol level and it also has a right amount of calcium for your body.

2. Lentil Soup

Lentils are like beans with an excellent source for protein and soluble fibers.  It has also Vitamin B which helps women in their childbearing age to reduce the risk of giving child defects. Lentil soup is a vegetable stew with red onions and carrots.

3. Nuts

Most nuts are rich in zinc and Vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant which is responsible for good skin and prevents certain types of cancer. There are nuts like cashew which gives iron and very rich in zinc. There are many vegan recipes that can be mixed with nuts.

Nuts are very powerful food which almost gives just like meat. This is why nuts or seed oil is often used in the best men’s shampoos.

4. Grains

Grains are very rich in Carbohydrates which is responsible for the energy that the body needs. Well known grain is rice grain which is very useful in all types of vegan food recipe. It also supplements Vitamin B12 which helps lowers cholesterol. Another grain type is a pancake. Most ingredients in a pancake is grains.

5. Seaweeds

Japanese people are very enthusiast in seaweeds. Seaweeds have very high in salt which can be alternative for salty meat products like fishes. This is a terrific source for Iron, Vitamins A, B, C and E. This can be good for salads. And among Japanese people, they combine it with the rice which is a perfect combination.

6. Meatless Sausage Burger

The ingredients for this food are ground flax seed for being the patty of the burger and different vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes and pickles which is a very good food for vegans. The taste for this food is like a normal burger but with a twist of sour and sweet. It is good for breakfast which gives high carbohydrates and protein that a body needs in morning.

7. Chocolate Strawberries

This treat is a very good dessert and can be a gift for Valentine’s Day or any special day for you and your love one. The combination of different kind of sweetness blend together to form a new sweetness is like couples. Beside for the meaning of the food, this dessert also gives very high amount of calcium and different kinds of vitamins and minerals.

8. Spring Rolls

It is a Thai food with pure vegetables. The ingredients are peanuts, lime, and basil and the taste is salty with a twist of mint. These vegans can eat this kind of food which also very high in vitamins and minerals.

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