What causes cancer

As we all know Cancer is a silent killer. And as of last year, it killed almost millions of lives. Most cancers are one of the diseases that can’t be detected at first and you will just know it until something you felt wrong in your body. We will discuss the causes of cancer for you to prevent it and treat it.

1. Reactions of our bodies to chemicals

There are different kinds of chemicals around us. Will it be around our house or outside? Example of these chemicals is the very dangerous nicotine which always found in cigarettes and chemical solution in a liquor and beer. 1/3 of cancer deaths came from smoking tobacco and cigarettes.

The cause for mostly lung cancer came from tobacco and cigarettes either 1st hand smoking or secondary. Another chemical that can cause cancer are from workplaces like a cigarette factory, and benzene products which can cause leukemia cancer.

2. Diet

Diet is one factor of getting cancer. Poor diet always make your body vulnerable to outside bacteria and according to surveys made, poor diet is one of the causes of many type of cancer. Being obese may develop cancer which your body cannot handle large amounts of food you take and some vitamins and good bacteria are not found in your diet which needs by your body.

And also, malnutrition and lack of healthy food will make your body suffer that nutrients that need by our body cannot be supplemented by what we eat. An example of an unhealthy diet can be seen in people in Japan, which their food intake is mostly salty food which may cause gastric cancer.
3. Physical inactivity and Lack of Sleep
Lack of exercise may cause cancer. With nothing to do all day, your body becomes dormant and all nutrients you have taken will not be burned and used which will lead to our previous cause, obesity. Lack of sleep may also cause cancer which the body is always stressed and all body parts can’t rest.

4. Other Diseases and Infections

Other cause of cancer may be getting from other diseases like Hepatitis B and C. Almost 18% worldwide cancer patients got from other infections. These bacterial diseases can be dormant at first and you won’t notice until something is wrong with you.
5. Radiation

There are clear evidence that are brought up that radiation causes cancer. Ultraviolet rays that came from sun, in a prolonged exposure every day may cause skin cancer. Another example is the nuclear plantation leaks which the chemicals radiate to our body makes our body parts weakened and prolonged exposure can destroy it.

Another experiment made that exposure to radio frequencies from cell phones and television and other similar gadgets may cause our body cells to create carcinogen which causes cancer. Sometimes you even have to be careful with phones or wireless head buds that they don’t transfer any radiation.

6. Heredity and hormones

Another cause of cancer may get from your ancestors. Ovarian and Breast cancer according to surveys can be from hereditary. Some hormones in our body might also be one cause of cancer. Almost six common cancers may get from abnormal hormones that are breast, ovary, prostate, thyroid and bone and testis cancers.