How to meditate for beginners

What is a meditation? Meditation is the practice of strengthening one’s mind and body. Meditation comes in different forms. There are meditations in moving and dormant form.

Meditate for beginners

The meditation that we are giving is the basic but the most effective and sued worldwide and can help you with developing psychic abilities, like clairaudience. Meditation originally came from religion. Depending on your religion or sect, we have this basic meditation with Tibetan buddha meditation bracelets that will not conflict another religious doing.

1. Time Making

Before anything else, make a specific time in a day where meditation can be done, a time when it is a free for you and free from any other obstacles from getting you to meditate. Specific time recommendations are an hour after breakfast and after work.

You can start meditation in a time of only 10 to 15 minutes until you can give with a maximum of 1 hour. Always be reminded that the time you are picking should be free from noise and your mind should be at peace.

2. Place of Meditation

For beginners, a place for meditating can be in your room. Make sure that the place for meditation is away from noise pollution and no interference may occur. If you have a T.V set and a radio, make sure to turn them off. If you want music for meditation, clearly choose a music that will soothe into your mind and soul.

Just make sure that the music will not destroy your concentration in meditating. Another suggested place for meditation is in under the trees in large parks where it is free from noise, I’m sure that most parks worldwide are away from highway and noise and with many trees. Or if you still want into your house, choose the garden, and sit where you can really feel relaxed.

3. Sitting Position

For beginners, you can sit in an Indian sit position. Make sure the ground where you sit is flat and no uncomfortable obstacle in your sitting. You can also sit in a cushion if you feel relaxed in it. Make sure the sitting position is relaxed and at the same time in proper posture.

The proper posture in sitting meditation is the back is in straight, shoulders should be balanced and the hair should be braided. And the hands should be in a clear path where it will not move or be moved. Most important in sitting meditation is the peace you can get in this kind of position and just like we always saying, no interference should be made in sitting. Relax.

4. Relax

The most important aspect of meditation is to relax. Feeling relax is the main key in going meditation. To make your body and feel relaxed, for beginners, you can think of sitting in a beach where you can feel the sea and the breeze. The muscles on each part of your body should be relaxed. Don’t be tense when meditating with other people.

5. Deep Breathing

Breathing is the essential part of meditation. Remember, breathing slowly is a way of relaxation in a body. Deep breathing will essentially ease your mind and the muscles all over your body will be relaxed. When breathing, visualize things that you want.

6. Mind silencing

When meditating, the main purpose of it is to break the stress that your mind is taking in a day’s work. Silencing your mind is easy. Think of things that will make you at peace, just like floating in a cloud for example. Observe all the past you’ve done. Even if it’s bad or good, let it flow to your mind and cast it away. It’s ok to be emotional about it but always remember that you are cleansing your mind to make it peaceful. Best is to find a quiet garden or landscape to silence your mind even more.

Another tip we are giving is that don’t mind the time. Time will fly like angels and when you realize it you are already done. If you find meditating, difficult in time for beginners, you should pick a lesser time and then as you go along you can extend the time.