10 New Relaxation Methods that Work

Stress is a helpful way for us. It sharps our minds, be creative and be resourceful but too much stress to your mind can also destroy you. Stress might lead you to serious mental inactivity and sickness.

Relaxation methods

So, stress can be taken away in a snap in a very easy way. Watching TV and playing with your cellular phones are not a healthy way to relieve your stress. Tired and stressed all day from work and school can be relieved by our best 10 relaxation methods that really worked.

Best Meditation Techniques

Below we have outlined the best technique to calm down and meditate.

1. Deep Breathing

Our brain needs a good supply of oxygen for it to function properly. While we work or study, our breathing or oxygen intake is less. And by that reason, we can’t think properly and our brain stresses itself. Deep breathing is a powerful relaxation method.

The main target of deep breathing is to intake more supply of oxygen into the brain so the stress level of the brain will be less. When breathing, take a long breath that your stomach is inhaled and exhale. Feel the intake of oxygen when inhaling and when exhaling, slowly take it out. Inhale through your nose then exhale through your mouth to prevent dizziness.

2. Muscle Relaxation

Everyday walking from your work or school stresses all your muscles from tip to toe. Every muscle has different types of massage. For the face, push the eyebrows with your hand slowly until you feel relaxed. Do the same in the cheek part, where you always rub it slowly in circular form.

In the neck muscle part which is sensitive because it connects to your spinal cord must be gently rubbed and slow circling the nape. Another muscle relaxation method in your body can be a good spot in massaging the shoulder part which is often and always stressed out. For the shoulder part, gently squeeze your biceps and triceps until you feel the blood coming through. It will help you relaxed more, especially combined with the powerful energy of a pink salt lamp from the Himalayans.

3. Imagine Things

Imagining things can be a good method for the relaxation of your body. Think of birthdays or your best friends! Always ask yourself, “Why do you work and study?” Imagining the future of yourself soothes your mind and it helps your body to feel relaxed. And much more of that, you will also feel inspired and confident to do more work and overcome stress.

Another one is to picture yourself in a very comfortable place like a beach or a picnic. And by that, your body will be so much relaxed that all stress will be gone. What I also do is imagine myself using the most expensive Beauty and Wellness products to make myself beautiful! This instantly makes me feel happier!

4. Body Meditation

Body meditation is the counterpart of muscles relaxation. In muscle relaxation, you are touching every part of your body. In body meditation, nothing is touched. Just sit or lie down.

When doing this meditation, just feel your body. Start with your feet, try to feel them and go upwards until you hit your head. This is a very good relaxation method.

5. Positive Thinking

It means that think about yourself without negativity even you think of bad past. Think about your past, and what did you do about it, and think why did you do it. It helps your mind to cleanse all those doings you do that later on you regret about it.

Think about those memories that you want to overcome. Get a unisex bracelet to remind you of positivity. We all know that bad memories can’t be forgotten but can overcome and when you think about it again, your mind is relieved and it will not affect yourself.

6. Yoga

Yoga is a stress relief where you move while meditating. Yoga improves your breathing intake and all your muscle parts are not stressed. Yoga is helpful for the mind and body. It lets your inner energy circulate through your body.

7. Rhythmic Exercises

When exercising, do it on a regular basis and don’t skip to your scheduled exercising. In this relaxation method, your body will feel at ease and relaxed more especially after a long day’s work, your body will need a break. Exercises like walking and jogging every morning before going to work or after work is a typical relaxation method.

8. Meditation

Meditation is one way of relaxation method. Meditation lets your mind feel relaxed and at ease. When meditating, close your eyes and think peacefully. Think of like walking in a cloud or sleeping in a very comfortable place. By that your mind will truly be relaxed.

9. Go outside

Go to a place where you always feel relaxed. This is one of the relaxation methods to overcome depression and stress at home, work, or study. Go to a place where you miss your childhood memories or a place where the happiest moment occurred. Surround yourself by nature, and enjoy the beautiful plants and flowers, like a blossoming magnolia.

10. Power Nap

A power nap is a short sleep where it is in the middle of deep sleep and slow-wave sleep. This is one of the very effective ways when taking a short break work. In doing this, always remind yourself that you are just taking a break when napping.

It will be like sleeping in a conscious mind, where you are like putting an alarm clock to yourself. This is also effective to those who lack sleep last time they sleep. In the relaxation method, this is the best method for you and you to train with.